TikTok is a largely untapped source of great content. Tools and tips I’ve discovered on the platform have already provided me inspiration, new tools and countless ideas.

TikTok enables content creators to easily creating and upload short videos. Quicker than a carefully edited blog article and lighter than a curated and composed Instagram image and caption. TikTok posts can even be ugly – the message is key. As a result, the content is fresh, easy to consume and highly-valuable (if you’re following the right accounts).

There is an abundance of content to discover on any topic you’re interested in. I’m not going to try and convince you to join TikTok (even though I think you should). I’ll let the content speak for itself.

This is my curated list of TikTok accounts that you need to be following if you’re a designer or marketer:

Madeline Mann

Career Advice & Motivation

Madeline was one of the first TikTok resources I followed. Every single post has valuable insight. Madeline gives real advice on job applications and your career.

This is probably my favourite TikToker and resource. She packs an amazing amount of information into these 60-second videos – energetic, extremely helpful, personable.


Jacob Manfred

Photography tips & inspiration

For amazing photography, video and inspiration for your own work.

Showing a lot of behind the scenes too. If you’ve ever wondered “how did they shoot that?” you might find your answers – and they make it look so simple. I can’t wait to try these when we can access the studio again (post-quarantine of course).


Broken Unicorn

Product design & user experience (UX)
Broken Unicorn has a refreshing look at the design industry, process, how to get started as a beginner designer, with some fitness and travel tips intertwined. Even though I’ve never met them, the advice and real-talk they share make me feel like they’re a close friend. There is always new content uploaded by Broken Unicorn – but also scroll through and look at their earlier posts too!


Sarah / mckinleymedia

Design & branding

Sarah gives simple and straightforward tips and advice for branding, colour schemes and more.


Lindsay Scholz

Design & Branding

Another great freelancer to follow providing tips and advice.



Marketing & E-commerce

Boost sales on your e-commerce store? Hell yeah! Lots of amazing tips and strategies to help you improve your online store.



Photography inspiration & tips

Great tips on shooting and editing photos.



Digital marketing

A wide range of tips and resources on marketing and business. Gerry has over 140K followers on TikTok – and with good reason.



Super underused, but its good to see how your quality compares to your competition 🥊 ##business ##marketing ##advertising ##fbads ##tips ##tricks

♬ iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty) - KYLE


Motivation & productivity

Real-talk from this ex-lawyer on productivity and motivation. Very useful!



Business & Marketing

Filip claims “I will help you get better at marketing” – and they deliver (arguably with too many claps 👏)



Branding & Business Tips
This self-proclaimed TikTok Addict shares great personal branding, business and self-discovery questions and insights.


有村泰志 / ArimuraTaishi

Animation, music & fun!

This one is just plain fun. I love the cute animations set to music. Take a break with this wholesome light-hearted entertainment.


Have fun exploring TikTok!

I’m not currently creating content on TikTok – for the latest, follow me on Twitter or Instagram.