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Slack has quickly the most commonly used instant messaging tool across digital and creative agencies. With a growing number of distributed workforces, the reliance on Slack has only increased – and with Slack comes emojis! Slack has several fun ways to use emojis, and, of course, the ability to create your own custom emoji.

I’ve crafted and used many great, fun and hilarious emojis working in digital agencies. I wanted to share some of my favourite custom-made, unique and most-used custom Slack emoji. Plus, they’re all available for you to download and install on your own Slack at the bottom of this article.

Note: Animated GIFs with flashing colours are used in this article.

Unique custom emojis

Starting out with emojis you likely haven’t seen or used before – but once you’ve got them you won’t know how you lived without them. Legendary GIFs I’ve collected from corners of the internet – and made into the perfect animated Slack emoji.

Drag Race emoji

Rupaul "meh" animated emoji
Alyssa Edwards saying "back back back again" animated emoji

The queens from Rupaul’s Drag race have reaction GIFs on lock – now serving Slack emoji animated reaction realness.

Glow Up reaction emoji

Val Garland saying "ding dong" animated emoji
Cody Choi face emoji
Cody Choi animated face emoji

There is a definite lack of Glow Up (the Netflix reality competition show) emoji in your Slack I can guarantee it. Cody Choi and Val Garland providing reactions you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. If you haven’t watched Trixie and Katya’s review of Glow Up, then do yourself a favour and go watch it now!

The BBC interview interruption kids

Child from BBC interview strutting animated emoji
Small child from BBC interview in walker animated emoji

I can’t tell you how many times I use these two adorable and terribly sassy tots in animated emoji form. This is the energy I strive to bring to every meeting, task, discussion and workday – or strut around the living room. If you don’t remember the storm these characters caused in 2018 – and how it foreshadowed our 2020/21 working-from-home lives. (Animation design by Paperbeatsscissors)

Progress pride flag emoji

In my searches of the internet, I haven’t seen a progressive pride flag made available for Slack. It’s here, it’s queer, it’s more inclusive, and it’s ready for Slack slaying. (Design by Daniel Quasar)

More custom pop culture emoji

Shocked Pikachu face emoji

Pokemon’s Pikachu Shook
The meme that went wild in 2018 should always be on hand. I’ll be shocked if you don’t find a use for this one.

Lumpy Space Princess emoji

Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess
Tell them the way only L.S.P. can – LUMP OFF, MOM!

Pam from Archer emoji

Archer’s Pam from HR
That’ll do piggly. That’ll do.

Dennis Nedry, from Jurassic Park, waving finger animated emoji

Jurassic Park’s Dennis Nedry
Ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word.

Unique food emoji

Animated chicken pole dancing

Chicken Strips
The food choice of Millenials and Zoomers (that’s Gen-Z). What’s for lunch?

Kombucha emoji
LaCroix can with animated bubbles emoji

Time to celebrate, break out the drinks of choice for Zillennial’s (that’s Gen-Z and Millenials). In 2k21, we don’t encourage alcoholism, especially not in the workplace. Bonus: your gut flora will love you (and saying ‘gut flora’ is just so fun… go on, say it!)

Retro technology emoji

Clippy animated paperclip emoji
Clippy animated paperclip emoji

Plot twist: Clippy is the 2021 emotional support hero we need to remind us of simpler times.

ICQ logo animated emoji

I can still hear this emoji (uh-oh).

Say it without saying it

Aloe Vera emoji

Aloe vera
When someone drops a harsh truth on you – time to get out the aloe to rub on that burn. (Also, a reminder to wear sunscreen).

Animated fan emoji

I’m your biggest fan!

Right bicep emoji

Right bicep
Power up any emoji by adding the right bicep to your collection. Welcome to the gun show!

My favourite and most used emoji

This is a selection of my personal favourite emoji from Slackmoji. You need these ready to fire at any point.

Party parrot animated emoji flashing colours
Party parrot animated emoji with birthday hat
Party parrot animated emoji with cowboy hat
Party parrot animated emoji with beer
Party parrot with hair head banging animated emoji
Guy Fieri party parrot animated emoji

Party parrots

Never stop.

Animated blob emoji dancing
Blob emoji with expressive face in awe
Derpy blob emoji
Dancing blob party flashing emoji


Who doesn’t love these fun lil folks?

"this is fine" dog with animated flames
Pizza party popper emoji
Shaggy (the music artist) as an emoji
Emo hair toss animated emoji
Air quotes - animated emoji

Just startup things…

These emoji just told me “we’re all family” and then asked me to work unpaid overtime. But hey, we’re a cool startup right with great cULtuR3 right??

Animated cat drinking coffee emoji
Coffee, more coffee animated emoji


You know you’ll need these! *jitters*

1000 emoji
99 emoji

Not 100

Sometimes 💯 just doesn’t cut it.

Dancing yellow chick animated emoji
Dancing doge dog


All the best dancing emojis you need!

Smiling cowboy tipping hat
Smiling cowboy wearing sunglasses
Sad cowboy emoji
Eyes emoji with cowboy hats
Sad cowboy dabbing emoji

Cowboy emoji

An agency without cowboy emojis is an agency I don’t want to work at. Yee to the haw!

Rebecca Black - Friday Friday emoji
Curled up in a ball animated party emoji
Laying on the floor party emoji
Left Shark animated emoji

That Friday feeling

You’ve got to get down on Friday!

Several People are Talking Emoji

I came across these emojis on the Slack blog with the genius name “Several People are Typing”. They’ve since changed the design of the blog and not featuring emoji, but they’re imortalized here!

Bouncing sheep animated emoji
Dancing panda animated emoji
Cheering Fox Animated Emoji

I hope these emoji inject some fun into your Slack communication and status updates (as long as we can all agree to never use Microsoft Teams).

What is your favourite Slack Emoji? I’d love to know!

Download all the emojis from this article – packaged and ready for Slack: