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A note about a blog

By November 24, 2015November 4th, 2021Marketing & Social

I have been a little quite on my blog recently – but with good reason. Not only have I been busy with work but I’ve also been blogging up a storm with Forge and Smith.

As well as writing a few articles, I have also been creating graphics for the blog.

Below are some articles I have written so far (yes, I did have a bit of editorial help from a copy writer):

It has been a fun and great learning experience. Read All Articles

Blog Graphics

As I mentioned I have also been designing the visuals driving the blog. Forge and Smith now has a very visual-driven blog.

I have always wanted to create an infographic – when I read an article about Google’s new mobile-favouring algorithm I immediately pulled out some quick facts. When I realised it was perfect to become an infographic, I ran with the idea. Below is what I put together.

View More Blog Graphics


For my first infographic, I am quite pleased – more blog graphics in my portfolio.

Digital Strategist Pam and I are putting together a three part series on improving your blog visuals, Part 1: Creating Powerful Visual Content.