Starting a Design Blog: Hand writing on a notepad

How to start a design blog

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Starting a design blog will establish yourself as knowledgable, up-to-date and an expert in the industry, as well as show your personality (more than a design portfolio could). Six steps you should follow to start your own design blog.

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How to consume your way to being the best designer

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In the past year and a half there is one thing I can attest to pushing my design further than anything else: consuming content. Thanks to the explosion of content marketing companies are falling over themselves to provide you with their most valuable content. My learning, professional development and industry knowledge has grown through reading articles and other resources freely available on the web.

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A note about a blog

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I have been a little quite on my blog recently – but with good reason. Not only have I been busy with work but I’ve also been blogging up a storm with Vancouver design agency. As well as writing a few articles, I have also been creating graphics for the blog. Read details about creating my first infographic!

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