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School Is In!

By November 2, 2014November 4th, 2021Events + Conferences

I have started to take a few online courses in User Experience (UX) Design and Coding for Designers to refresh and build on my skill set. The courses have started basic – and I already have the fundamentals down; but still learning a few tips and tricks along the way.

Week one assignment for the UX class was to sketch designs for four different remote controls. We had four minutes to draw four remotes – the emphasis being on generating ideas (not on drawing skills).

So here are my first four drawings and explanations (remember four minutes isn’t a long time):


1. The simple remote – it simply has a power button and up and down (channel or volume) buttons. A remote control at its most basic.


2. Voice activated remote control – you talk into it like a microphone, there is a button so you can control when you are performing an action.


3. Motion sensor remote – controlled via gestures (waving the remove, shaking it etc) to perform action.


4. This was an idea branched off from sketch 3; the remote would be in the shape of a Harry Potter wand that you could wave at the TV to perform actions (volume, channel etc.). It is meant to bring a fun side to controlling the TV.

What do you think of my ideas? How would you design a remote control?