Social media content creation examples

By May 1, 2014August 23rd, 2017Design, Social

It is important to be up-to-date with the latest news and trends in social media. Through my work as a designer for social media graphics I regularly created content with a rapid turnaround from idea to finished concept (usually within hours) to remain current with these fast-paced platforms.

These interactions help strengthen the image of a fun and trendy brand, build lasting connections and create loyal customers – as well as creating some great exposure.

Below are a few examples of these interactions:

Example 1

A customer tweeted the brand sharing a photo that included her dog.

“Doge” was a popular internet meme a the time. It is a series of captioned photographs about the internal thoughts (and misspellings) of “Shibe” the dog. A Doge meme was created for the customer and sent in a response tweet.

Example 2

A customer tweeted about a rubber stamp they purchased from the company.

Taking the idea of “T-Rex Trying” (a popular Tumblr account and now a book) a fun visual was created of the brand mascot “Giroofasaurus” trying to use a rubber stamp.

Example 3

After receiving a #FF (Follow Friday) from another brand we printed personalised coffee cup sleeves as a thank you and shared a photograph. This simple gesture was much appreciated by the brand and strengthened a lasting relationship.

Example 4

In December 2012, Vancouver experienced a snow storm. The hashtag #bcstorm started trending as people shared their experience and beautiful images of the snow.


This image was posted to the brand Instagram account from an existing library of illustrations. It was a fun way to get involved in current events, as well as connecting the brand to the local trending conversation.

Example 5

When the new video sharing platform Vine was launched the brand was one of the first to join and use it.

These simple videos were created in very little time using existing products and resources.

Example 6

The television series ‘Looking’ bought up business cards in several discussions and scenarios. I created animated GIF images of the scenes and shared them on Tumblr.

Looking GIF 1
Looking GIF 2
Even though Tumblr was not one of the platforms that the company engaged regularly, the images received a great response (with likes and shares) – introducing the brand to a new market in a fun way.