A note about a blog

I have been a little quite on my blog recently – but with good reason. Not only have I been busy with work but I've also been blogging up a…
November 24, 2015

Music Break

My music collection knows no shame – with a wide selection of trashy top-40 and vapid pop. I also follow a variety of independent, alternative, local and under-recognised bands (which makes…
February 12, 2015

Data Visualisation Art

Happy New Year! I compiled a couple of interesting data visualisations from 2014 I found to kick off the new year. The map above is a visualisation of tracked Runkeeper…
January 2, 2015

School Is In!

I have started to take a few online courses in User Experience (UX) Design and Coding for Designers to refresh and build on my skill set. The courses have started basic – and…
November 2, 2014

#SocialSessions Part 3: Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a GPS tracker – it tracks movement using your phones in-built GPS; calculating elevation, speed and distance. It even estimates calories burned based on the activity you have preset (running, walking, hiking,…
October 6, 2014