5 Lessons from a Year in Web Design

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To reflect on my first year at Forge and Smith I wanted to share the key lessons from this year. While I would like to say “I never looked back”, that isn’t the case – the concepts and principles that I learned through university and my design career apply the same to web design.

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Data Visualisation Art

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Happy New Year! I compiled a couple of interesting data visualisations from 2014 I found to kick off the new year. The map above is a visualisation of tracked Runkeeper activities from 2014 from 1.5 million users. The combination of…

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School Is In!

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I have started to take a few online courses in User Experience (UX) Design and Coding for Designers to refresh and build on my skill set. The courses have started basic – and I already have the fundamentals down; but still learning a…

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